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Customize each parameter's details, such as its data type or input options, for greater accuracy and user-friendliness


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Easily find your saved prompts using the popup search feature.

Organize your saved prompts into categories for easy access and better organization

How it works

Create a Command

Open and click on the hamburger icon to access the main menu. Click on 'Command' to begin creating a new command. Click on 'Add Command' to try out the form of the command.

Open Command List Menu

Type a forward slash (/) in the chatbox to open the command list menu. Select the command you want from the list. Click on the chosen command to proceed.

Fill Parameter Data

If the selected command is linked to a parameter, fill in the required parameter data. Enter the data into the parameter fields. Click on the 'Send' button to proceed and finish the process.


How can I get started with the extension?

How do I bind a shortcut with a command?

How do I bind parameters with a command?

How can I report a bug ?

What should I do if I can't remember the shortcuts I've bound to commands?

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